How Do Smoke Swipes Work

3 days ago by Cindy Hanson

Smoke Swipes are odor eliminating dry material patches that efficiently swipe and wipe away unpleasant aromas that stick your hair, clothes, or any other material.

Described as ‘mouthwash for your clothes’ they’re the perfect antidote to smelling like an old ashtray.

Who are they for?

If you’re a busy active marijuana smoker or a business person who needs to remove the stench of last night’s smoke-filled dive bar for a 9AM meeting, then smoke swipes are perfect for you. Outside of work, there’s nothing worse than arriving smelling of smoke at a family dinner or on a first date.

While marijuana is becoming more acceptable (and in some cases legal) all around the world, there’s still no excuse for turning up to social events smelling like an ashtray.

That’s why we spent years working on a special formula that specifically attacks and eliminates the aroma of cigarette and marijuana smoke.

If you’ve ever been worried about someone commenting or complaining about the smell of smoke on your clothes, Smoke Swipes are for you!

Exactly how do Smoke Swipes work?

We designed Smoke Swipes to be super-easy, quick, and discreet. Just slip the small pouch over your fingers and ‘swipe’ across your clothes or hair. This unlocks our special formula, which targets and neutralizes the bad smells.

They’re small enough to fit in handbags, pockets, wallets and purses. So you needn’t rock up to a meeting worrying about the smell of smoke ever again.

Are Smoke Swipes worth it?

Smoke Swipes are affordable and effective. Did you know that a single swipe can be used up to 10 times before losing its effectiveness?

You’ll also need to wash your clothes a lot less too. That means huge savings on detergent, fabric softener, and most importantly your time.